Pool Fun

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A picture says a lot about a person. We keep on taking and retaking pictures until we get the perfect one to upload on our Flickr/Blog feed. It is equally important to give a cool and meaningful caption to those photos to make them more appealing!
The caption of a picture can say a lot about the personality and the intellect of an individual. Therefore, it is necessary to find the appropriate one.
During summer, every day is a pool day, so go swim and float in the pool and make a splash, because it not only refreshes our body but also rejuvenates our state of mind! On a hot sunny day, when you are floating on the water, you also want to swim your worries away… When in the water, our mind, body, and soul float peacefully. For that one moment, we feel calm and our state of mind is happy as we enjoy the sunshine. Such an amazing moment deserves a perfect picture and the perfect picture captions to go with it!

“Time is a pool to swim and dream and create in.”
— Jay Woodman

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