Absolutely Smitten

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She knows this feeling all too well
She feels her heart begin to swell
Handsome stranger, you have made her insides turn to jelly
She wants to dance around the room
Kiss you until your lips turn blue
But handsome stranger, you have made her wonder…
Is she pretty?
But it’s too late
She believes in fate
She’s absolutely smitten
She’ll never let you go…

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Mesh Head:
LeLUTKA Nuri Head 3.1 | Mainstore

So what’s new in 3.1?
– Evolution Classic heads have now been updated to 3.1.
– You can now find EVO and EVO X toggle buttons across all heads.
– Option to blend or mask lashes have now been updated.
– Save slots have been removed for Eye Socket, Lashes, HD Brows, HD Eyelids, and HD Lips as we now have a Style HUD.
– We now have a total of 18 eyes, an additional 6 have been added.
– We now have a total of 6 eyebrows, an additional 2 have been added.
– We now have a total of 8 eye shadows, an additional 2 have been added.
– Alpha Mode has been added to the lip area, when you use the Mask option, you will be able to manipulate how much of your lipstick with show.
– Layer Materials (None) HD Complex has been added under settings, includes HD Brows, 2 HD eye shadow layers, Lashes, Eye Sockets and HD lips.
– Clicking these buttons will remove materials from matching layers, removing materials will eliminate Hair/Head alpha interaction (if hair has materials enabled), leaving your Head layers, alpha clipping free. This means the glossiness of any of these layers will be removed.
– Scripts have been polished to reduce lag and make the hud and heads operate smoother and respond faster.

How to update? You could do so from the update HUD, which is included with all the heads, or alternatively you could visit the store and get a redelivery of your head(s).

For more information about how to use your new head or for FAQ’s please visit LeLUTKA’s Website

Mesh Head Skin:
[Glam Affair] Milou [LelEVOX] | Mainstore
[Glam Affair] Milou Layer [Lelutka EvoX] Almond C
[Glam Affair] Milou Brows – Black
(Previously at C88 July Round)
Milou is available in 8 tones of the current skin tone range and 7 Tones to match the new Ipanema Body Skin from Velour.
(BOM Bodies available at Glam Affair’s & Velour’s Mainstores).
The skin is shown on Nuri’s head but will work flawlessly with other Lelutka EVO X heads.
Included in each Skin pack:
– BOM ready system layers for in 3 brow options, one light, one dark, one no brow
– Alternate brows layers
– Cosmetics and Enhancements Pack
– Ear Matching Layer for EVO X ears
– Brow Shaper
– Shape for Avalon

IDTTY FACES – LeLUTKA Mystic Light Collection | Mainstore

Tres Blah – Alix Wrap Top | Mainstore
(Previously at C88 July Round)

[ kunst ] – Meadow bracelets | FaMESHed or at Mainstore after the event ends ❤
KUNGLERS – Evion ring | Cosmopolitan or at Mainstore after the event ends ❤
LaGyo_Violetta Tassel Earrings | Mainstore

DOUX – Joya hairstyle | Mainstore

Diversion – Smitten Poses | Mainstore

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