Shopaholic Girl

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“That moment. That instant when your fingers curl round the handles of a shiny, ungreased bag—and all the gorgeous new things inside it become yours. What’s it like? It’s like going hungry for days, then cramming your mouth full of warm buttered toast. It’s like waking up and realizing it’s the weekend. It’s like the better moments of sex. Everything else is blocked out of your mind. It’s pure, selfish pleasure.”
― Sophie Kinsella – Confessions of a Shopaholic

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Blueberry – Blessed Set | Mainstore
Blueberry – Blessed – Tops
Blueberry – Blessed – Pleated Skirts
Blueberry – Blessed – 2 Style Jackets
Blueberry – Blessed – Boots & Socks
Tops come in 2 versions, one to be worn on its own and the other inside the jacket.
Jackets come in 2 versions: Wear on or wrap around the waist.
There are optional 2 length socks to wear with your shoes.
Shoes are highly customizable. Side details, ties and soles can be colour changed.
Last day for discounted Mega Pack! Don’t miss out!

Tableau Vivant // Bray hair | Uber or at Mainstore after the event ends ❤

Lyrium. Kess Static Series | POSEvent or at Mainstore after the event ends ❤
Breathing and Static packs are sold separately. Get both in the Fatpack!

Lagom – Shopaholics Desk | The Liaison Collaborative

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