I am Me

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Hello everyone!
Today’s post I’m showcasing the new update for LeLUTKA Evolution Line.
If you haven’t got the new update for your LeLUTKA Evolution head, now is the time to do it!
All updated heads (2.5 versions) have more skeleton flexibility (boundless) and you can achieve amazing looks with them, but if you aren’t ready for the new version, you can find the “normal” version (2.0) of the head inside the package, this version will work flawlessly with your current shape.
So what’s new?
There’s a new whole revamped HUD, new teeth shapes have been added, the new HD eyebrows are absolutely amazing, you can customize brow size, intensity and materials through the HUD.
Another amazing feature is the new double HD layer for eyeshadow, you can mix and match your favourite makeup and play around with transparencies to achieve the perfect look!
The animations have been improved to work better with boundless bones, they transition smoothly and they are perfect for photographers!
Piercings got their own HUD now too, this way it’s easier to find which ones you want to wear and you can customize metals and colours.
For the full list of items used please read below ❤

“I am an awkward person, often get misunderstood and shoot myself in the foot. I laugh too much. I am quiet until you get to know me, then I am impossible to shut up! I make rash decisions that I regret instantly. I love to embellish. I get angry and say stupid things. I am who I am. I am me.”
― Unknown

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Mesh Head:
LeLUTKA Fleur Head 2.5 | Mainstore

Mesh Head Applier:
[Glam Affair] Nell Skin [ Lelutka ] | COLLABOR88
[Glam Affair] Nell Layer [Lelutka] 004 D

Mesh Eye Applier:
.euphoric ~ Wild Eyes Collection | Kinky Event

TRUTH VIP Forever | Mainstore

KUNGLERS – Nimue earrings | Mainstore

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