Bunny Gang

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Somebody pour the champagne
Yeah, that’s just our campaign
Everything we do, we do it big
Riding on our own wave
Whippin’ in our own lane
Ain’t nobody messing with my clique (yeah)
Yeah, yeah
Girl gang, girl gang, squad goals, bang bang
Sauced up, sauced up, drippin’, ring ring
Brought the troop out, and they all bang

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Me and Desire are wearing the new outfit from Salt & Pepper and the new Exile hair made to fit the mask.

Check Desire’s version

S&P Roxy Set | Mainstore
Latex comes in 16 different colours, solids and ombres.
There are two different options for each piece, one with drops and one without.

(This Set was previously at Salem, October Round)

Exile – Helena | Mainstore
Includes an edited version to work with Salt & Pepper’s Roxy Bunny Mask
(Previously at Salem, October Round)

FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Rose Mural | Mainstore

FOXCITY. Girl Gang | Mainstore

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