Sweettalk my Heart

Click for HD

Tell me you love me, tell me you’re mine
Tell me, I know it, don’t need a sign
But I feel different know you don’t lie
But I want attention, commitment, intertwined
What are your dreams, give me the details all in-between
Just let me know ya, we can go far
Don’t turn your shoulder, get colder, keep me warm
Sweeter than love is the taste of all those promises
That pulls you in for good
Can’t get enough
Put your top moves on and run with it
Sweet talk that shit, so good

♫♪ ► Play ♪♫️


S&P Faith Dress & weights @ Uber

Mesh Head:
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Classic Face @ Mainstore

Head Applier:
[Glam Affair] Hazel Applier [Genus ] 007 – 09 RARE @ Mainstore
(Previous The Epiphany Item)

[ kunst ] – Amara Bracelets @ Uber

Lyrium. Nicole series (Gift) @ Mainstore

TRUTH Elixir – Selection @ Mainstore

[ Elysion ] – (Group Access Only)

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